Orthoped – Bespoke Insoles

The partnership between Kelpis Shoes of Cyprus and Ortho-ped of Germany may seem like the marriage between odd bed fellows, but it is an acknowledgement by each firm of our specific expertise.

Ortho-ped is a leading German medical technology firm, designing the very latest computer designed custom made medical insole devices.

Ortho-ped insoles are not your standard insoles. Each insole is custom made to your precise and unique requirements, based on medical advice and advanced computer measurements, after a face to face consultation where your needs will be considered.

To ensure the very best results, Kelpis of Cyprus works directly with Ortho-ped when designing your hand made, bespoke shoes when they are to be worn with Ortho-ped’s high tech bespoke insoles.

The cost of Ortho-ped bespoke insoles for your shoes varies, depending on your precise requirements, but is typically between €169 and €279.