Ladies's Shoes

We are proud of the fact our ladies shoes are made to the same quality standards as our gentlemen’s shoes.

All our shoes are fully handmade, designed with comfort and durability in mind, and made from quality materials. Their timeless styles mean that our shoes can form a reliable staple in your wardrobe, for season after season. They are shoes for the woman who knows about true value.

Please note, we make every pair of shoes to order, we don’t keep a store room full ready made shoe. The shoes shown to illustrate styles and materials which are photographed and shown on the website range in age, whilst some of these are examples of shoes made recently, some of the photographs are taken of shoes which we have used as examples of the style for up to 30 years.

The product details for each product on the website shows the date we began making that specific shoe design, and the approximate year of production for the example shown in the photographs.

Shoes can either be ordered “made to measure” where they are made to a standard last, based on an accurate European shoe size, or alternatively for a perfect fit, you can select the size option “Bespoke”. Bespoke fitting costs €200 extra, as it involves us getting precise foot measurements from you, produce a custom last (rather than a standard last) to your exact dimensions, designing the pattern of the shoes to fit precisely and to ensure the best fit possible arrange a trial fitting by you before completing your shoes.

For a pair of bespoke shoes, we either use the wonders of modern technology (international shipping and video conference), or agree to meet you face to face, depending on location and schedule to arrange to taking the precise measurements necessary to start work on your shoes and the trial fitting.

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