Custom-Made Shoes

1) The first step is taking customer’s measurements,of both feet.If the model of the shoe is an ankle boot or a high boot we measure also the part of the leg where the shoes is finishing.
2) The next step is to find the right last and build it up according to the customer’s measurements by adding pieces where it needs.
3) After that,we cover the last with tape so we can draw the design.When we are finished,we take the tape off the last and we put it on a cardboard so we can finish the pattern and cut all the pieces of our model.
4) The next step is to cut and stitch the leather to be ready for the first fitting,to see if the last works for the customer’s feet.If yes we continue cutting the leather which the customer wants. If not,we continue working on the last until it’s ready.
5) Then we start lasting the shoes,first blocking the front part with nails and then closing the back part.Then we undo the front and we last first the lining and then the upper.
6) At the end,we decide with the customer how he/she wants the heel and sole (material,height) or if he/she wants a wedge.

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Elegance and the experience meet the innovative new designs, ideas and materials. Shoes are a work of art whether for celebrities or for an old person who has never been able to wear shoes he or she liked, because of foot problems.

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